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    Item #: 6.6A/T10/P-GE-CS

    This 45W 6.6A Incandescent lamp is used in many classic Medium Intensity Runway and Taxiway lights. It is also found in some Airfield Guidance Signs. Case of 60 lamps, bulk packed at the factory and inspected by us prior to shipping.

    • 6.6A/T10/P-GE 6.6A/T10/P-GE-CS (Our Id's)
    • 6.6A/T10P (Industry)
    • 23295 (GE)
    • 101 (Airport Lighting)
    • 10047-1497 (C-H)
    • 50-23295 LA-7654H (Flight Light)
    • PL10029 (Point)
    • 48A0007 (ADB)
    • LA450C66T10A (Honeywell/H&P)