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  • Clear (Runway - White)
  • Blue (Taxiway)
  • Green/Red Split (Runway End)
  • Clear/Yellow (Runway)
  • Green (Helipad)
  • Yellow (Helipad)
  • Red

  • 30 Watts, 6.6A Incandescent (6.6A/T10/1P)
  • 30 Watts, 6.6A Quartz Halogen (EXL)
  • 45 Watts, 6.6A Incandescent (6.6A/T10/P)
  • 45 Watts, 6.6A Quartz Halogen (EXM)


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Price: $130.00
    Item #: MIRL-

    Our 6.6A Medium Intensity Lights (MIRL & MITL) are assembled to order in our shop from many of the same quality components provided on similar FAA Certified products. (Type L-861). These lights are intended for use on runways and taxiways that are powered by a constant current regulator. For similar lights powered by 120 volts, go here. If you don't see the lens color, lamp or height you desire, please contact us.

    Please note that these are the renewal parts for this particular light. While they may be compatible with other lights, we cannot guarantee it.



    Clamp Band

    Lens Gasket

    Head Assemblies

    Lamp Sockets

    Riser Tubes

    Frangible Coupling